Surgical Steel Tongue Barbell In A Wave Display

316L Surgical Steel Tongue Barbell in a Wave displayGetting your tongue pierced is not an easy decision to take especially when you get to learn about how things go wrong at the slightest pretext. It is better to be safe than sorry is something you tell yourself. But then your urge to stick out your tongue at the world and ask them to leave you alone is strong. So, a pierced tongue is what you acquire as the first step. Ask around though especially the medicos and other like-minded individuals for the nitty-gritty on tongue piercing and the option of threading a piece of jewelry through it.

You are sure to have fun while selecting the adornment for your tongue that will be exposed only in seclusion with intimate friends. First comes the type of jewelry of course! A straight barbell it is! There can be no other choice as you have to take both your health as well as the risk of injury into consideration. A plain tongue barbell that gleams quietly will definitely give you the much needed confidence. You come across as the cool and collected guy who has no qualms in living according to his terms.

What about the metal though? 316L surgical steel is the most sought after material for tongue piercings and you just cannot ignore it in favor of other colorful ones that may or may not be compatible with your skin. You certainly cannot risk injuring your tongue or infecting it by being careless enough to overlook surgical steel tongue barbells.

Buying the best tongue piercing jewelry is just going to be a cakewalk when you have at your service. Take a long, lingering look at the beautiful wave display containing 43 pieces of 316L surgical steel tongue barbells and you are sure to be hooked. You may not really use all 43 for yourself but feel free to share them liberally with friends and acquaintances especially when you have a special occasion coming up. It is more hygienic to change your tongue barbell often too and choosing an identical one from the display allows you to look the same with your signature piercing jewelry in place and your friends none the wiser.

Jewelry that looks classy and is safe to wear must be enormously expensive, right? Well, you are far from the truth here as you can pick up the entire set of 43 barbells plus the display from at an unbelievable price of $19.99 only. Now, isn’t that fabulous?

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