Flexi Cone Capsule Tongue Barbell

Flexi Cone Capsule TongueTongue piercing is quite a style statement. The best part about tongue piercing is that you can hide it whenever you do not want the world to see it. The flexi cone capsule tongue barbell looks quite cute with the colors and is unique in shape. It is made of flexible material so it won’t hurt much while you are getting your tongue pierced. Choose any color and be the person you are. Tongue piercing is still considered quite rebellious and you can be the rebel with a difference through your body language. However, just remember that you cannot eat all sorts of food while you have a new piercing.

For the first week you have to avoid hot and spicy food. The Association of Professional Piercers advice all the tongue pierced people to follow this instruction properly. Hot and spicy food or drinks can increase the discomfort and irritation on the pierced zone. Moreover, the jewelry inside your mouth is made of a metal and most metals conduct heat which can cause your mouth to get burnt. So avoiding hot and spicy food is the best option. Not just hot and spicy, you also have to avoid sticky food.

Skip sticky food like mashed potatoes or oatmeal altogether. This sticky stuff can cling on your barbell and will be difficult to clean from it. Food retained inside the mouth can attract and retain bacteria in your mouth which can cause infection. Hence, it is best to steer clear of all the sticky food. However, even if you eat it, be careful to wash your mouth with an antimicrobial mouth wash. There is another category of food you must avoid in order to have quick healing. Hard food or crunchy food like cookies, popcorn and toast can hurt your sensitive tongue.

Since this type of food requires lot of chewing, there will be more chance of biting your tongue which is swollen and larger than normal. Also, you might hurt your tooth with the barbell. Finally, hard food particles may get stuck on your piercing which is extremely hard to take out. Refrain from having citrus food during the healing period. Pineapples, grapes, lemons, oranges and tomatoes can harm your piercing. Steer clear of alcohol and also of mouthwashes with acidic properties. Remember not to share food during this time and also take care to eat in small morsels and place the food directly on molars.

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