316L SS Single Green Jeweled Banana Navel Belly Button Ring

316L SS Single Green Jeweled SS Banana Navel Belly Button Ring316L SS Single Green Jeweled Banana Navel Belly Button Ring
Do you wish to enjoy your sexy diva self? Then having a belly piercing is the best way. It is one of the most ancient and also one of the sexiest expressions of self. But to have to beautifully and aesthetically set on your belly button, you have to go to a professional and never try to do it yourself. However, always keep one thing in mind that; do not let anybody pierce your belly button with a piercing gun. It enters the skin forcefully and the skin appears jagged. Belly button piercings are prone to rejection and hence never try a gun. The safest way is to pierce it deeply by using a proper gauge needle to minimize the chances of rejection.

The cost of belly button piercing depends on where you are getting it done. If you are visiting a highly recommended piercer, the price will be higher than the rest but it will be safe. However, on an average belly button piercing costs around $45-50.

If You are a Beginner    

There are different types of belly modifications that can be done with different accessories. You can choose from banana barbells, seamless rings, clickers, segment rings, circular barbells, twisters and captive bead rings. The traditional banana or bent barbell is the best choice for belly button piercing for beginners. As far as metals are concerned, stainless steel and titanium are best options for starter belly button piercings. Titanium is an inert metal and will not cause any allergic reaction to the skin. Therefore, it is the best choice for sensitive skin. BioFlex or BioPlast is also a hypoallergenic material and thus safe for beginners and also for people with sensitive skin.

If you are a football or hockey player, wearing a PTFE is the best choice for you. Since it is flexible and soft, the chance of the piercing stabbing into your skin is much less if anyone or anything makes contact with your piercing. Once you are used to the piercing and start treating it as a part of your body, making a decision about various aspects will be easy.

Now, you may not wish to continue wearing the same titanium ring after 3 months. The good news is you can switch to other metals after 3-6 months of the piercing. Gold and sterling silver along with UV can be the other brighter choices for the next time!

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