Exquisite Triple Heart Jeweled Dangling Navel Belly Ring

Trible Heart Jeweled Dangling Navel Belly RingYou must have been inspired to have a belly button piercing after seeing the striking collection of belly button rings at piercebody. It is common to have such a feeling with such a great variety of piercing jewelry displayed on their online retail and wholesale store. This triple heart jeweled dangling navel belly ring is another awesome piece of jewelry displayed on this website which is available at an affordable rate. The heart is the most common motif in jewelry yet is so special. This fantastic item can be an amazing gift as well. Made of high quality titanium/surgical steel and sterling silver studded with gemstones this is a one of a kind item.

The hearts are alternately filled with stones and dangle beautifully from the belly button once it is installed. The dangling belly button ring is only 14g which makes it light weight and easy to carry. Titanium or surgical steel barbells mean it is absolutely safe and skin friendly. In fact, piercers highly recommend surgical steel or titanium made pieces for beginners as they help in healing the piercing quickly. Now, this puts some light on how to have a safe piercing. After all, you do not want it to go wrong.

It is always wise to consult an experienced piercer before you decide to have your belly button pierced. It happens at times that some people’s bellies do not have the skin for the piercing to hold, it is a little risky task for them. Sometimes an outer belly button may get scarred after piercing. However, an experienced piercer will pierce the navel keeping in mind the shape of the belly button. The most common type of piercing is the vertical one in which the jewelry enters inside and comes out through the skin above it.

Thus, visit a licensed piercer to have a safe belly button piercing and consult with him/her prior to the session. Ensure that your piercer wears latex gloves and uses sterilized and disposable equipment for piercing. You must have also find out whether she/he is accessible for post piercing concerns. Wear light, airy and loosely fitting clothes for your piercing appointment and you might have to cancel all strenuous physical activity during the healing period. Summer would be logically the best season for belly piercing with loose clothes most of the time. Remember, swimming has to be on hold during the healing period.

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