Fancy Jeweled Dangling Belly Button Ring

Fancy Jeweled Dangling Navel Belly RingWhether you are a beginner or an experienced one in piercing, at some point you must have experienced piercing rejection or at least the jitters of facing one. Rejection in belly button is not an uncommon thing. However, choosing the right kind of jewelry helps in preventing rejection. If you are a beginner, then a titanium belly button ring will be the best option for you. If your piercing is an old one you can use any type of jewelry crafted from any metal. Piercebody offers an amazing collection of titanium and surgical steel belly button rings which not only look beautiful but is also safe for the skin.

This particular flower dangling belly button ring is definitely safe and will also take your breath away by its design. The barbell part is created from titanium or surgical steel both of which are known to be skin friendly. These metals are anti infection and hence you can stop worrying once you have installed it on your belly button. The charm part is crafted from sterling silver which is high grade and the most common variety in making jewelry items. This silver looks elegant and creates a fantastic combination with the wide range of high quality gemstones completing the look.

The flower motif is one of the commonest but most popular designs of jewelry items. It looks beautiful, elegant and stylish as well. The ring with its flower hanging down from a ring looks awesome from a distance when spotted on your belly button. Moreover, the dangling movement adds more charm to the entire look and feel. It will be a waste if this ring is rejected by your body.

Therefore, recognizing the early signs of rejection will help you in finding a solution to the problem. Recognizing the signs will also help in preventing more serious damage like a permanent scar on the navel area. Usually post piercing the navel jewelry shifts a little sometimes due to metal allergy and at other times due to adjustment to an undisturbed area. But, if you see an abnormal shift, you must check out with the piercer. Normally, the entire jewelry item appears on the surface during rejection. The skin on the piercing also looks irritated.

The area will look red, hard, flaky and callused. The holes may shrink and the skin might appear tight and shiny too. If lot of pus is coming out of the piercing it indicates infection. Foul smelling discharge also indicates the same which means your body is rejecting the foreign product. Rush to your piercer!

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