Jeweled Top Down Silver Navel Banana

Belly button piercing- the sexiest and most popular among piercings has the largest variety of accessories to choose from. Piercebody has some beautiful, safe and low priced belly button accessories for women all around the world who are not afraid to practice their style and display it to people. Generally, the only requirement for a belly button piercing is to have a flat, fat less stomach so that the accessory looks beautiful on it. It is mainly done for fashion. This awesome Jeweled Top Down Silver Navel Banana is made of 925 sterling silver and can be placed on a reverse manner on the belly button.

With a size of 1.6mm by 10mm it is suitable for any kind of skin and body. The banana and the ball are made from surgical steel and the item is studded with gemstones. The displayed piece has aqua colored stone but it can be customized according to your choice of color. Have you ever thought of customizing an entire belly button ring according to your choice? Normally the embellishments are customized as per clients’ wishes. But, how nice it will be if you could customize the entire item and wear it on your belly?

To be able to personalize your jewelry, you must have a clear image of what you want it to be like. Sketch the image and also decide whether you want to have a bar or a ring. The shape of your jewelry will determine whether you can have a ring or a bar. If you have a sketch, it will be easy for your piercing shop to organize it for you and create something closest to your imagination. Next, to determine the length of ideal bar, you have to measure the one you are wearing sans the bead. Have a size that will fit snugly on your belly button. Usually, a 14g and 11mm curved barbell is perfect. You may want to switch to a 10mm bar after your piercing has healed. Always exclude the thickness while measuring the length.

Different materials are available for silver belly button rings. For anew piercing surgical steel, titanium are ideal. However, for an old one you can choose anything from gold, silver, bioflex or steel. Bioflex is flexible and you can get colors on them also. You can even go for UV sensitive materials. Assemble it all and personalize it, or simply add or subtract something to have the jewelry of your dreams. Have fun during the process.

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