Jeweled Tied Bow Non Dangling Belly Bar

Tied Bow Jeweled Non Dangling Belly BarWe are used to seeing tied bows on little girls’ pony tail or on her hair knot. But now piercebody has brought a lovely tied bow non dangling belly bar for all those who miss tying bows on their hair since now they are grownups. This beautiful bow has jewels all over the body making it glitter all the time you wear it. The bow clinging to your stomach will definitely enhance the beauty of your flat midriff and also provide you a chance to remain close to your childhood memories. The gemstone is of top quality rendering a charm to the bow.

The Jeweled Tied Bow is crafted from 925 silver whereas the ball and bar are made from titanium or 316l surgical steel. Both of these metals are light in weight and are extremely durable so you do not have to worry about wearing the bar on your belly. The size of the bar is changeable between 5 and 10mm and the thickness is 14g which is perfect for any normal belly button to fit snugly on it. But is there a red bump adjacent to your button or can you spot it on top of your belly button? It can be anything from bacterial infection to bug bites and contact dermatitis.

Most of the bumps are benign conditions but sometimes you need to check them thoroughly and decide on consulting a doctor.

If it is hive, then it has resulted from release of histamines in your body. Hives can be triggered due to medicinal reactions, viral infections and also through food and exercise. Once you know the trigger you can avoid it totally. If the bump has been caused by any kind of insect bite, then topical medicine will help. Contact dermatitis is infection caused by body’s allergenic reaction to metal. Finally, bacterial infection due to poor hygiene can also cause red bumps. Hives generally look like small red clusters and are usually itchy. Contact dermatitis can be raised skin patches or appear in small red clusters whereas insect bite will appear as individual bump and accompanies itchiness and burning sensation.

If bug bite or hive is associated with swelling and breathing trouble, injecting epinephrine can provide relief. You can also apply ice pack to reduce the sensation and later apply hydrocortisone cream on the area. Contact dermatitis can be cured with topical corticosteroids or by taking cool bath in uncooked oatmeal.  In case of bacterial infection antibiotics prescribed by the doctor must be taken.

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