Baby Angel Navel Belly Bar

Baby Angel with Heart Navel Belly BarNavel piercing or steel belly button piercings are quite popular but they are not easy to maintain. Whoever has her belly pierced needs to follow certain rules to be able to maintain a healthy piercing.  If you are a parent of a teenager who is lazy and doesn’t like to clean up her room or wardrobe and lacks discipline, then you may have to seriously consider her decision before you say yes to her piercing demand. The aftercare process of piercing takes discipline and patience. If your daughter lacks both her piercing may not heal and she might end up in trouble.

The navel piercing bar offered by piercebody is definitely tempting and any girl would want to have it on her belly button because it will make her look like a fashion diva. The cute baby angel clinging to her stomach will shine and glitter in the presence of beautiful and colorful jewels. The jewels could be lavender, red, pink or aqua depending on her choice. The exquisite body of the angel will be crafted from 925 sterling silver while the ball and the bar will be made of surgical steel. The size of the bar is 1.6x10mm which is perfect for any normal person’s belly button. But to have this exceptional piece on one’s belly button enhancing her beauty she needs to take care of it properly. You must remember that a piercing needs to be taken care of throughout because it is a puncture on the skin, so the cleaner the place, the healthier will be your body.

The anatomy of your body is also another important factor taken into account before you decide on piercing. If you have excess fat in your stomach region and that closes your belly button, then unfortunately you cannot have it pierced. Outie navels are also not good candidates to have navel piercings. Since the navel is a sensitive zone and is linked with intestines and other organs, it is important to consider the anatomy before having it pierced to avoid any long term damage.

Age of course is another to consider before navel piercing. Most professional piercers refuse to pierce minors. Teens are required to produce photo identification and presence of parent when piercing. Piercing in a teenager generally migrates because it is a growing body and leaves behind a scar. If the teenager lacks concentration and interest to know about aftercare, it is best not to pierce her.

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