Authentic Multi Jeweled Hanging Fish Navel Belly Ring

Multi Jeweled Hanging Fish Navel Belly RingWearing funky belly rings provides you the opportunity of expressing your style in your own way. This multi jeweled hanging fish navel belly ring is a lovely blend of fashion, glamour and durability. The ball and bar are made of titanium or surgical steel making it skin friendly and a perfect choice for beginners as well as experienced body modifiers. The charm part is made of sterling silver which is high grade silver and is extremely charming and elegant to look at. It is a dangling belly ring which looks awesome once it is worn on the belly button.

The fish is studded with several jewels radiating natural as well as artificial light. This fish belly ring is so gorgeous that it will be difficult for anybody to take his/her eye off it. The gemstone is of top quality and it makes the fish look amazingly gorgeous. There is an aesthetic feel in the shape of the fish and the entire ring is 14g in weight which is not much heavy. With a smooth finish and tantalizing appearance this ring is easily one of the best available at any store. Piercebody brings it to you at an incredibly low price also.

Now, if you have this ring on your belly button and you are pregnant, then it is normal for you to become worried. However, you do not have to because you can still keep it on while being pregnant. One thing that you should do is to buy steel or titanium bent shafts in different sizes to keep changing the ring with your growing baby bump. Alter the rings with the sizes as your baby bump grows. So, it does not mean that it is the end of your stylish days. By increasing the size of the barbells you can transform them into pregnancy rings.

Another great option is to have a customized belly ring made of BioFlex / PTFE because these are flexible materials. You can have its size trimmed or extended during your pregnancy. Generally, it helps to have it long so that you can trim it during your pregnancy. In this way your style quotient can be retained during your pregnancy days and you can also wear it post pregnancy when your tummy is restored to its normal size. You simply need to cut down the shaft to keep wearing it. So, continue to wear your beautiful dangling belly ring which moves rhythmically with your body.

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