Jeweled Flying Sparrow Navel Belly Bar

Jeweled Flying Sparrow Navel Belly BarThe Jeweled Flying Sparrow Navel Belly Bar is a rare jewelry motif and hence looks unique on this particular navel belly bar. This cute sparrow could be the symbol of freedom and if you believe it, then wearing this navel ring will bring a sense of pride in you as well. Made of surgical steel this sparrow is absolutely skin friendly. The charm part is made of 925 sterling silver, which renders a lovely shine. The shine is enhanced by the colorful jewels on the bird. Piercebody will customize the jewels for the client that is you can either have single colored jewels or combination of colors.

This lovely belly button bar could have been made from any other metal used in the jewelry industry. There are different kinds of metals used to create jewelry items some of which are gorgeous while others are more subtle. It will be easy for you to decide which item to buy when you have a good idea about the different kinds of metals used to craft jewelry pieces. If you choose the right metal for your skin, then you will be saved the irritation and discomfort after piercing.

For most piercings surgical stainless steel is used in the initial period. Surgical steel or 316l surgical stainless steel is a metal which is hypoallergenic and hence does not cause any reaction to the skin. Surgical steel is also highly durable and products made from surgical steel are inexpensive. The one minor disadvantage associated with surgical steel is that it is slightly heavy than other metals. However, all the other good features actually compensate for that. While getting your belly pierced, make sure that the surgical steel jewelry used by your piercer is a true implant-designation steel alloy. Some fake materials are also available in the market which can cause irritation.

Niobium and titanium are good alternatives for surgical steel. Titanium is light weight and strong and hence makes for great body jewelry choice. Niobium also shares all the good qualities of titanium and is also reasonably priced. What makes these two metals unique is that they can be anodized, that is treated with heat to produce different colors like green, blue, purple, pink and so on. So, they provide greater variety in colors than any other metal.

Other than these options, 9-14 and 18k gold and 925 sterling silver are also used for body piercing jewelry. Even nickel-free brass is used sometimes but with plating options.

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