Dangling 14K Gold Belly Ring

Dangling14K Gold Belly RingBelly button piercing is one of the most enduring style trends. Earlier only youngsters were interested in this, but currently navel piercing has been able to transcend age boundaries and penetrate among young adults and adults as well. There are different types of belly button rings available in the market these days. Right from studs to dangling belly button rings can be obtained from Pierce Body which brings wide variety of navel rings for those ladies who wish to take their fashion sense a step forward. This particular belly button ring is made of 14k gold and is a dangling one with stones set in. It looks beautiful and gorgeous. Dangling 14K Gold Belly Ring available at piercebody.com.

Perfect Position of Navel Piercing

The perfect position of navel piercing is ½-1 inches through the upper lip skin of the belly button. The idea is to place the bottom ball of the ring on the top of the belly button. So, if you are worried about the position or placement, you know it now. If your belly button is ‘outie’ in shape, then that will affect the placement marginally. However, that will not alter the placement of the ball on the top of the belly button. If you notice the piercer placing the belly ring with the ball much above the top that is wrong. This will be a surface piercing with high chance of rejection. Professional piercers usually have it right, but it is still helpful to know the actual position of the belly button ring.

Now, there is a thing called double belly button piercing or a 4 point belly button piercing. In these respective piercings the placement will be much different from the one mentioned above. The principle remaining same one ball should rest on top of the belly button while the barbell should pierce the inner wall of the belly cavity. The outer wall must protrude between ½ and 1 inch away from navel area.

Caring for Belly Button Piercing

Washing the piercing twice everyday will quicken the healing process. Wash your hands and apply saline water to the area to wash off dried skin. After that clean the place with antibacterial soap and pat it dry. Healing time of a navel piercing depends on the body constitution of the person having it pierced. Sweat, clothes and chlorinated water can delay the process. Any sort of stress, illness or lack of proper care and good diet can also make it slow. Hence, maintain good health to have it healed on time.

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