Jeweled Cherry Navel Banana

Jeweled Cherry Navel BananaAll of us love the cherry on the cake, don’t we? It is like that crowning jewel which changes the look of the item. It changes everything from plain to gorgeous. So also this jeweled cherry navel banana will change everything from plain to glam. Once you put this Jeweled Cherry Navel Banana on, you will feel like a princess who has all the riches. This cherry navel banana with gemstone is beautiful and the charm part is made of 925 sterling silver, which has the right mix of shine and subdued charm. The ball and the banana are produced from surgical steel which are extremely skin friendly. However, the stones can be in different colors which include black, blue, red or aqua.

The size of this particular ring is 1.6x10mm. If you are eager to find out which is the best size for your belly button, then you must know how it is measured. In barbells, it is measured as gauge and diameter while in C rings it is measured as gauge and length. Now, to follow the process of measuring the accessory, you must wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. Dry your hands properly and remove the jewelry from the piercing.

You have to unscrew the beads if you are wearing a bar to loosen the ends and leave the beads out if you are wearing a captive bead ring. Now use a dial caliper or a ruler whichever is available to you to measure the ring. Measure across the inside without including the ring in the measurement. Check whether the bar of your barbell is threaded internally or externally. In case, you do not have a clear idea of internal and external threading; an external threading means the bar ends look like screws while the internal threading means the bar ends are hollow. If the jewelry is internally threaded, then measure the entire bar, but if it is externally threaded, measure the bar itself with dial calipers and ruler.

Now when it comes to the gauge of the jewelry, you have to use again the dial calipers or a wire gauge. If you are using a gauge wheel, slide the bar into the 14-gauge hole first. If it does not fit, then try with 16- gauge holes or 12-gauge holes. The standard gauge for a belly button piercing is 14g. Initially a longer bar is used to provide room for swelling. You may want to measure it afterwards.

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