Red Jeweled Surgical Steel Nipple Rounder

Red Jeweled Surgical Steel Nipple RounderThis red surgical steel nipple rounder has a unisex appeal. Both men and women can try it and enjoy the look and feel of it. Made from the most skin friendly metal, surgical steel, this red jeweled nipple rounder is fabulous. Red is the color of passion and if you are passionate about piercing, having this red jeweled surgical steel nipple rounder will be the icing on the cake. Red is a color loved by both the sexes because it adds glamour to your look. While men cannot have red lipstick, they can still have the touch of red through the nipple rounder. If this is your lucky color, then having it near your heart will be wonderful.

Piercing men’s nipple is quite common among celebs. Lenny Kravitz and Tommy Lee have popularized this piercing in men. Men’s nipples are comparatively easy to pierce provided they are not flat or inverted. In men the piercing is done through the base of the nipple where it is linked to the areola. Horizontal, vertical or angular styles can be chosen by the man. However, just keep in mind that this will be painful because the nipple is full of sensitive nerve endings. Be prepared!

Nipple piercing does not have an elaborate history. But whatever is there regarding this subject it is quite convincing. Sailors prior to 20th century had a tradition of piercing nipples to mark the crossing of equator for the first time. There is not much evidence on nipple piercing after this until 1970s when body modification was a movement. A movement associated with gay males. They used it as a freedom of expression and choice. But now men are ready to experiment with nipple piercing more a fashion or trend. Some of course do it to demonstrate their individuality.

There is no hard and fast rule about which nipple to have pierced. Left or right is your own choice. It normally takes 3-6 months to heal and during the period you must follow the aftercare routine strictly to avoid any complication. Also it may feel tight on the piercing initially but do not use any force to move it. Expert piercers may also ask males to wear tight undershirt to hold the piercing on position. Initially the accessory should be made from hypo-allergenic metal just like the red jeweled nipple rounder with a gauge of size 12mm. Thus, have it on and enjoy the gorgeous look of it.

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