Hand Painted Filigree Flower Nose Stud in Mini Box

Hand Painted Filigree Flower Nose Stud in Mini BoxHand Painted Filigree Flower Nose Stud in Mini Box

Nose piercing can be done on various parts of the nose but it is generally done on the curve. It is one of the commonest piercings and also given to experiments. You will find that most people having a nose piercing are experimenting either with the jewelry or the piercing zone. It is also one of those piercings that can change your look dramatically. Do you remember that instance when you spotted a pretty face with a bold piercing and so wanted to have that look? Well, getting a nose piercing is that golden opportunity for you. Using a nose stud has some pros that you may not have thought about. But, here they are:

  • Nose piercings obviously have great appeal
  • A nose piercing causes least amount of pain
  • Nose piercing heals fast as compared to others if you take care
  • Nose accessories arguably have the widest range
  • It is quite a common piercing and the person doing it generally has a good knowledge about it
  • Nose piercing is one such piercing which does not take much time to heal after removal of accessory. The hole usually heals fast without leaving behind any mark.

Do you need more reasons to have your nose pierced? Well, there are more. You simply have to take notice of them and realize them. Experimenting with the position is also a big boost. You can get your septum pierced or even the bridge. Nose studs are amazing in this respect. They can suit any face type and also occupy least space. Nose studs also heal fast and of course are available at an affordable price like the ones at piercebody. For septum piercing a cork device is the best choice to have a hassle free and comparatively painless piercing.

Taking care of the nose piercing is an important duty which you have to shoulder properly. Since the nose is pierced through cartilage and not skin, it takes a little more time to heal. Wash it with saline water soaked cotton balls. Let the solution reach inside the hole to disinfect the area. However, do not leave the zone wet; it is important to keep it dry. Do not scrub any portion of the piercing even if you are feeling scratchy or itchy. You should also remember that each body has its own healing time, so you need not worry about it.

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