Light Green UV Ear Hoop

Light green UV Ear HoopWho said hoops can only be circular? If you want to wear something apart from circular hoops, then check out the awesome range of collection at piercebody where you get hoops of various shapes. Choose whichever you think is perfect for your face and hairstyle. It is important to wear earrings that complement your facial structure and your haircut so that it blends nicely with your personality and style. This particular hoop here is diamond shaped and green in color and is made from acrylic which is light weight. Whether you are a green activist or not you can wear this color and look great in it.

Since, it is UV reactive, the diamond hoop will glow under sunlight and other LED lights. The post and the butterfly are made from 925 sterling silver which is of high grade and is durable. The best part of buying this Light Green UV Ear Hoop is that you can wear it on the earlobes or on the helix or tragus or any other part of your ear. In fact, you might desire to change the one that you already have on your cartilage piercing into this diamond hoop from piercebody. Do not worry. Just follow these simple steps.

Visiting your piercer is always an option but you can also do it at home by yourself. Begin the process by washing your hands with an antibacterial soap and hot water. This will kill all the germs and dirt that have accumulated in your palms. Even your nails needs to be cleaned from dirt and grime thus use a nail scrub to clean them thoroughly. Dry your hands properly with a fresh paper towel. Now grasp the front of the stud or earring or hoop with your thumb and forefinger and the back of the stud with the other thumb and forefinger.

Pull the stud forward from the front while pull the butterfly away from the stud with your other hand. Once the butterfly is removed, you can pull out the stud completely out of the piercing. Now, wash the piercing with sea salt solution. Hold the wet cotton gauge for 10 minutes on the piercing and remove it. After this solution wash, you have to wash the region with antibacterial soap again and pat it dry. Note that if you find the butterfly back is embedded inside your cartilage visit professional piercer to remove it and do not try anything at home.

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