925 Sterling Silver 14mm Aqua UV Flower Ear Hoop

925 Sterling Silver 14mm Aqua UV Flower Ear HoopThe feminine flower motif in the form a hoop is a killer combination. Any woman would die to own such a piece and make it a part of her jewelry box. This 14mm aqua UV flower ear hoop brought to you by piercebody is a unique item. The aqua color makes it soothing for the eye and its shape can add glamour to your look. Though this will particularly look incredibly good with casual outfits, you can also pair it with traditional gowns. The post and butterfly are made from sterling silver while the hoop itself is crafted to perfection from acrylic which is UV earring sensitive. So while you are dancing in the disco, your hoops will change colors.

As mentioned above, these trendy hoops will be a prized possession in any woman’s jewelry box, but in trying to wear it you may just end up with a sloppy piercing. After all, piercers are human and they might make a mistake due to which your plans of flaunting such a lovely item may get dashed. However, all the mistakes can be rectified as soon as they have been recognized. So, it is more important to recognize them. Uneven holes occur when one piercing is high placed than the other. Although there is medical risk associated with this, you may not approve of the appearance. To avoid this blunder, have your piercer mark the area before piercing. If the problem still exists, then have it re-pierced after the old one has healed and do not use the old one and allow it to close naturally.

Sometimes the piercings turn out crooked. Similar to uneven holes, these are also not risky conditions but can hamper your appearance. When the piercing does not pass directly through the earlobe but is higher at the back or front it is a crooked piercing. In such a circumstance you can have the old one closed before having a new piercing slightly away from the old spot. These are non risky conditions. However, sometimes, a little riskier situation develops with tearing of the skin. This happens if the piercer is unsteady.

Tearing can also occur during the healing process and sometimes long after piercing has healed. The best option is to have a professionally experienced piercer to do the job and it also helps if you can have the piercing right in the center instead of side or bottom piercing. Minor tears can get healed naturally, but bad ones need medical attention and in worst cases it needs stitches.

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