11mm Diameter Jeweled Double Snake Nipple Shield

Silver Nipple piercing is all the rage today. Even a couple of decades back this piercing could not compete with the others like ears, belly button, eyebrow and so on. However, now it has become more popular and has been accepted as a part of mainstream fashion. Though it took quite a lot of time in becoming popular, you can find many men and women having such a piercing nowadays. So, for all those people who wish to have a new piercing, Peirce body has brought a jeweled double snake nipple shield. Created dexterously from 316l surgical steel this is perfect for any type of nipple and causes least irritation.

The charm part is 925 silver and there are gemstones all over the snake’s body. The snake is one of the most tantalizing motifs. It looks sexy, aesthetic and can appear in various forms in jewelry items. This coiled snake item is an exclusive one with a gauge size of 14mm and thickness of 14g. The diameter of this item is 11mm. The most exciting part about this piece is that it is available in mixed colors. Now, are you worried about breastfeeding your child after you have had this item on your nipples? Well, this article will tell you all about it and bust the myth.

According to American Academy of Pediatricians, children can be fed easily by mothers with pierced nipples. There are no direct concerns about pierced nipple and breastfeeding. However, there may be a few side effects which if the mother is careful about, she can feed her little one with little problems. While there are no direct concerns, there are concerns like the bead coming off loose and entering the toddler’s mouth getting it choked. So, it is good to remove it while breastfeeding because it could also hurt the tender gums and mouth of a child. The baby may get gagged or milk might leak in case you still have it on. Latching on slurping are the other issues that must be taken care of.

Piercing in women takes around 6 months to heal completely. Consider this time period if you are planning your pregnancy. After you have removed your ring or stud or shield from the nipple, milk may leak through the hole. This is normal and there is no added problem with that. Remember to inform your doctor whether you had experienced any kind of infection on your nipple. This will prevent further issues.

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