Tiny Red Pearl balls belly Banana

Tiny Red Pearl balls belly BananaAre you in love with this tiny red pearl balls belly banana? You should be. After all, it is such a lovely color and it is such a beautiful piece. The vibrant red color on the belly ring is visible from a distance and is extremely eye catching. So, if you are trying to catch someone’s attention through your style, this is the best way. The body made of 316L surgical steel is skin friendly and durable. Surgical steel is the most highly recommended metal when it comes to body piercing. The banana size is suitable for most and the pearl ball size can be either 9mm or 12mm belly button rings.

The best part about this item is the pearls which are of rare red color making this piece a one of a kind item. But, it will be a problem if you had to suffer from infection regarding this belly button ring. Some people think that doing situps is a concern after having the navel pierced with rings. This is not true. Doing any kind of exercise with a navel piercing is allowed. However, you must remember not to wear tight fitting clothes during your exercise because that leads to accumulation of sweat. Wear something in which your navel remains exposed to air and you can avoid being infected.

Have a padded mat underneath your body to avoid any kind of irritation or strain. Lie on the mat and begin your exercise. If you are wearing something that is long and reaches beyond your navel, pull it up to expose your navel. This is especially effective when the piercing is considerably new. This helps in avoiding the pain and irritation your shirt might cause. However, if you do not feel any pain, you can leave it as it is. If you already know the process of a situp, you can do it alone. But if you are new to the exercise, you must have a spotter hold your legs while you pull your body up.

Now, most importantly you have to remember to clean the piercing after every exercise session because sweat can accumulate around the area which if seeps in can cause infection. You have to mix ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized salt into 1 cup of lukewarm water and clean the area followed by washing it with antibacterial soap. Maintaining this routine will keep you away from any trouble regarding the piercing.

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