Jeweled Face Mask Non Dangling Navel Bar

Jeweled Face Mask Non Dangling Navel BarDo you love facial masks? Well, there is a new and innovative way you can wear the facial masks; that is on your belly button. Yes, piercebody is offering a lovely and adventurous mask designed and studded with jewels to adorn your belly button. Embellish your belly button and enjoy the new and different experience. It will render a completely different look to your personality. You will look awesome and cool with this belly button bar. The jeweled face mask has been produced from 925 sterling silver and the bar and ball from 316l surgical steel or titanium according to the demand of the customer.

The gemstone used on the mask to shape the design makes the mask look gorgeous and sparkling. It will be seen from afar by any admirer. You can become the fashion diva in your circle by adorning this mask. You might also become a trendsetter in style and fashion with this navel bar. Since, it is non-dangling it won’t run the risk of getting caught in your clothes. So, your chance of being hurt by it is minimal. The bar size varies between 10 and 5mm and the thickness is 14g which is good for normal belly buttons.

Well know that we have to follow a strict aftercare routine for belly button piercings to heal completely. There are certain supplements that can help in the healing process. Both topical and oral supplements are used to heal the piercing faster. Collagen is a fibrous tissue constituting our connective tissues and skin and any kind of healing process concentrates on increasing collagen production. Collagen production can be increased by increasing the production of Vitamin C and Zinc. Around 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C and 10-30 milligrams of zinc must be taken twice a day to accelerate healing.

Blood in our body delivers right amount of nutrients, oxygen and white blood cells to protect against infection. Oral and topical use of Arginine will widen blood vessels and increase blood flow which in turn will improve healing. Reducing inflammation also heals wounds quickly. Inflammation can be reduced by applying turmeric in herb form and not the processed one. It is extremely effective and if used daily in a unit of 500 milligrams can reduce inflammation. If the dose consists of dried turmeric, then the healing will be faster. Last but not the least; do consult your physician in case you have any medical condition.

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