Single Jeweled Aquamarine Tongue Bar

Single Jeweled Aquamarine Tongue BarHaving a tongue ring or bar inside your mouth and that is jeweled is a fascinating style statement. Can you imagine the excitement of it? This Single Jeweled Aquamarine Tongue Bar is an excellent way to show off your style to your batch mates, friends, and competitors and of course your admirers. Whether you are a girl or a boy having a jeweled tongue bar will definitely make you the talk of your college or may be even the town. So, it’s time to get famous with the aquamarine tongue bar brought to you by piercebody. Piercebody has a wide array of such lovely bejeweled tongue accessories for you.

Made from surgical steel the length of the bar is 14mm which is considered perfect for a beginner as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this piece and begin a journey to stardom with this super cool aquamarine tongue bar. Moreover, it will sparkle when you talk. Doing any kind of style has its flip side to it. However, that does not mean you won’t have it done. If there are problems, then there are bound to be solutions as well. One of the major problems with tongue piercings is the pain involved in it. The tongue is a soft and sensitive zone and having it pierced will affect your food habit and also the way you converse at least temporarily.

Some amount of pain is normal and along with it tenderness and secretion of white colored fluid. For the initial 3-5 days it might be swollen also. You will have to bear with it and let it pass while following the tips to take care of it. However, if these symptoms do not subside after a week, then it is best to consult a doctor. Applying crushed ice will definitely reduce pain.

Give up hot and spicy food and alcohol for few days to help your tongue piercing heal fast. Even taking any kind of hot liquid is dangerous because it may cause burn and subsequent damage to the tongue. Open kissing or oral sex must be avoided during the healing process otherwise you may end up causing damage. Biting nails, chewing hums and smoking must be avoided as well. A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen can help reduce pain but do not take aspirin. Increase intake of Vitamin B, C, Iron and Zinc to accelerate healing. Keep anti-inflammatory lozenges to relieve of throat pain.

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