Tongue Barbell with Black Star UV Balls

Tongue Barbell with Black Star UV BallsIf you have exhausted all the other options of body piercing or modification, you can try out tongue piercing this time. Having said that, even if you have not exhausted the list you can have your tongue pierced with a sexy ring. But, you have to remember that a tongue piercing is little more difficult than other piercings on your body due to various reasons. Hence, if you have prior experience in piercing, it will be easy for you to understand the concerns and its aftercare process. Unleash your adventurous side with a tongue piercing using jewelry from piercebody.

The tongue barbell with black star UV balls offered to you by piercebody is a fantastic item which can be used by men and women alike. A straight barbell is a safe choice for tongue piercing because it does not hang like a ring. This particular tongue barbell has been made from surgical steel which is by far the safest metal for body modification. It is least reactive and is skin friendly. To add more glamour to the barbell it is also UV sensitive which means it will glow under sunlight and also in the LED light. There is another advantage of wearing a tongue ring. It remains hidden inside the mouth. Hence, you can conceal it easily if you do not want to show it. Just shut your mouth!

The barbell size is 16mm and the ball size is 6mm. When buying a tongue ring you have to take into account 2 measurements. One is the thickness of the bar and the other is the length of the bar. To begin with, 14 gauge or 5/8 inches length is best. A 16mm gauge is good after you have had your initial piercing healed. A 14mm length provides your tongue some space to swell immediately after the piercing. According to the American Dental Association a tongue piercing takes 4-6 weeks to heal completely.

The ADA has listed some concerns with tongue piercings. Gum erosion, infection and chipped teeth could be side effects of tongue piercing which does not mean that you should not get it done but precisely means that you should get it done in a proper way from a professional piercer and take good care until it heals. Do not play with your tongue ring often and keep a check that the ball/bead doesn’t come off because you might swallow it. Using acrylic beads will reduce chipped teeth.

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