Multi jeweled Sun Rays Navel Belly Bar

Multi jeweled Sun Rays Navel Belly BarSun rays on a bright and lovely morning make us feel better. Now, imagine having a personalized supply of such bright rays throughout the day. Isn’t it exciting? Piercebody has brought innovative belly button jewelry in the shape of sun rays which will make you feel bright throughout the day. Your mood will be light and you will always feel bright. This Sun Rays Navel Belly Bar is made from surgical steel and 925 sterling silver. The charm portion is fashioned from silver while the ball and bar is shaped from surgical steel. For the sun and its rays, some beautifully colorful stones have been used in the jewelry item.

The stone will be available in various colors like aqua, pink, and lavender. You can choose the color combinations for your personal sun from piercebody. Now, if you are dying from any kind of tension regarding the piercing tool, get a low down on that from this blog post. Some needles are legal while others are illegal in various parts of the world. In the big metros curved, cannula and hollow needles are used to pierce any part of your skin. In smaller cities and towns and poor countries, inexperienced piercers sometimes use sewing needles to pierce the skin. A large number of piercers use piercing gun also.

The hollow needle has triangular tip and comes in different gauges from 18-4 gauge. Its length also varies great deal. Piercing with hollow needle is generally safe and piercing with a jewelry item of the same size as the needle gauge will save you from unnecessary bleeding and scar tissue in consequence. This also helps in inserting the jewelry in a quick, single, fluid manner of piercing. If this is not achieved, the hole will close immediately and the entire process has to be repeated again.

A cannula needle or a catheter comes packed in plastic tubing which is removable. Making hole with the cannula is much like it happens with hollow needle but the plastic tubing is left inside the pierced hole. After taking out the needle, the piercer cuts the hub section of the tubing using sterile scissors. The jewelry is inserted into the plastic tubing by the piercer and is pulled through the piercing. This hurts less.

Curved needles are also used for piercing but not for all types. Generally used by new piercers for ear piercings, a curved needle does not pierce the other side of the ear. So, it is good to practice pressure adjustments.

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