Multi Jeweled Snake with Hanging Ball Belly Button Ring

Multi Jeweled Snake with Hanging Ball Navel Belly RingThis dazzling snake with hanging ball belly button ring displayed by piercebody can easily enchant anybody; from someone who is wearing it to someone who is looking at it. After you have your belly button pierced with this amazing and brilliant coiled snake dangling belly button ring you may find yourself looking at the mirror for hours together unable to tear yourself away from the charm of the vision. Such is its charm. Made of sterling silver, titanium or 316 L surgical steel this dangling belly button ring is only 14g which can be considered as light weight. The coiled snake is studded with gemstones which are of very high quality and there is also a pearl adorning the snake.

This thing of beauty comes at an affordable rate from piercebody. Snake is in fact, quite a popular motif in jewelry items because lot of people from across cultures considers it to be lucky. It is also considered quite sexy because of its shape from a pure fashionable point of view.

Now, imagine a scenario; you have pierced your belly button with a sizzling multi jeweled belly button ring and after 6 months you wish to change to another one. You try to remove it but end up getting hurt typically because even if your belly button gives the impression that it has healed, yet it requires more time. Often we forget that there has been a puncture through a sensitive area of our body which needs time to heal. Therefore, it is important to understand the healing process of a pierced belly button.

If your piercing is showing signs of healing within a month or two do not think that it has healed completely and you can change the belly ring to something more adventurous. Healing often takes time. You have to do your best to promote the healing process. One effective symbol of a healed piercing is the color of the skin which becomes same as that of the surrounding area. In some cases the area remains red or pink for a long time which indicates that the piercing is experiencing irritation and sometimes even rejection.

Keep checking the pierced area for dried crusts on the ring. Small amount of fluid is exuded from the piercing during the healing process which dries up on the skin. This means it is still healing. Swelling is a side effect of navel piercing. So, find out whether the navel is still swollen which means it is yet to heal.

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