Multi Jeweled Flying Butterfly Navel Banana Ring

Multi Jeweled Flying Butterfly Navel BananaNavel piercing is cool; navel piercing is trendy; navel piercing is gorgeous; navel piercing is absolutely sexy. Well, to be able to feel proud of your navel piercing you have to care for your piercing and its healing process. After all, you do not wish to end up with a messy infection and rejection with subsequent scarring. This is especially true when you have such an amazingly alluring multi jeweled flying butterfly navel banana ring on your belly brought to you by piercebody. The flying butterfly is a beautiful and aesthetic design on any modern jewelry.

Jewelers love to curb a butterfly on a metal because it is colorful, wonderful, and free spirited and inspiring. It is one of the most popular motifs and girls especially love a butterfly designed jewelry item. Now, imagine capturing a butterfly in its motion on your belly ring; isn’t it an amazing and unmatched feeling? Piercebody brings a wide range of colorful butterflies for you with high quality gemstones encrusted on the body of the ring made from sterling silver. Sterling silver complements the colors of the gemstones effortlessly and brings out the best combination. The ball and the bar are crafted from titanium or surgical steel and the navel ring is only 14g which is light in weight.

It is great to carry a light weighted ring on the navel area because it causes less pain. With the knowledge of proper after methods you can avoid an infection and also decrease the pain relating to it. The commonest thing you notice on a newly done piercing is a crusty discharge. Do not pull the skin or try to peel it, instead use a saline solution to dissolve the crust and leave it looking healthy. Also wash the piercing with antibacterial soap twice a day. Never use loofah or scrub on the piercing. Use your fingers to wash the area.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians you have to wear loose fitting clothes which allow plenty of air to pass through your piercing. Tight clothes aggravate sweating which can cause bacterial infection to your piercing. They can also cause irritation and friction around the sensitive skin zone. Do not use any kind of antibacterial ointment. It can actually trap bacteria inside and delay the healing process. Do not touch the ring all the time. Dirty hands can infect your piercing.

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