Jeweled Hanging Star Navel Banana Ring

Jeweled Hanging Star Navel Belly BananaWe all love to see and count stars in the sky. All of us have admired their beauty and enjoyed the view presented by millions of twinkling stars in the night sky. Then again we love to see a shooting star occasionally and express our wishes. There are so many emotions and visions associated with stars that jewelry designers have always explored the enigma of these celestial beings. This jeweled hanging star navel banana ring offered by piercebody is another example of fine craftsmanship and manifestation of our obsession with a star. We are unabashedly in love with the stars.

This star navel ring is crafted from sterling silver and is adorned with chunky gemstones which twinkle all the way. This glittery belly button ring is only 14g in weight and the bar and ball is made of surgical steel or titanium making it a skin friendly choice. Once you have this twinkling star installed on your belly button, you will flaunt it obviously. However, simply having it installed on your belly is not the end of your responsibility. You must ensure that the piercing gets healed properly or it might get affected and your star might fall off.

A navel piercing is a sensitive one and is sometimes susceptible to infection and keloid formations. Keloids form around the piercing when the scar tissue accumulates unhealthily. Sometimes a pierced person may be predisposed to keloids because it has been found to run in the family. For instance, African women are normally prone to keloids because it is hereditary. However, there is no reason to panic because keloids can be treated and cured. Sometimes, keloids form and dissolve without treatment only. If you still require treatment, then corticosteroid injections, pressure, freezing, radiation, laser or surgery can be done to eliminate it.

Keloid scarring like any other medical issue can be prevented. One of the vital things is to take good care post piercing to prevent scarring and tearing. Make sure you have clean hands when touching the navel piercing and also wash the piercing area with antibacterial soap. Try to wear loose clothes to promote healing and not delay it. Belts and waistbands should be kept away until the piercing has healed completely. After all, you have to work hard a little to achieve that perfect look you wanted for your washboard stomach. Following a strict aftercare will help in preventing keloids.

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