Hand Painted Dragonfly Ear Stud

Hand Painted Dragonfly Ear StudA dragonfly is a fragile insect but it looks quite nice when you see it flying or just sitting somewhere. The shape and delicateness of a dragonfly has inspired many designers to come up with this design on their creations. This is one such item offered by piercebody which has a lovely dragonfly design on it and that too a colorful one. This dragonfly has lots of colors on its wings and has been intricately designed by the jewelry designers. Made from 925 sterling silver which is the most suitable silver variety to produce piercing jewelry, this Hand Painted Dragonfly Ear Stud is absolutely brilliant.

The butterfly is also made of the same metal and you have to appreciate the effort put in by the painters because it is hand painted. The colors are bright and lovely and the body has the perfect shape. Team it up with other jewelry items or wear it solo, the dragonfly will work wonders for your look. If you are going to pierce your ear to wear this with a piercing gun, you must know about the dangers associated with it. The biggest danger associated with piercing gun is that it cannot be sterilized and hence you might get infected.

An autoclave is a machine which sterilizes piercing tools in high pressure steam at a consistent temperature. This removes all the microorganisms from the tools’ surface and makes it usable safely. This process cannot be done with a plastic piercing gun. A plastic piercing gun cannot be put into an autoclave and hence cannot be sterilized. When this gun pierces through the skin pathogens can get transmitted through that piercing leading to infection. Therefore, it is better to use a disposable needle to pierce the ears. The cannula used by piercers will be autoclave sterilized and hence minimize the chance of getting an infection. The needles are generally 10-20 gauge and is basically hollow with a beveled tip.

The needle makes a clean incision through the tissue unlike the piercing gun which uses blunt force. A professional piercer autoclaves needles, jewelry, gloves, gauze pads and cotton swabs. He/she also uses surgical scrub to clean the lobes before and after piercing. When you are having your ears pierced with needle, captive bead rings can be used. One of the biggest advantages of a captive bead ring is that it does not have a back lock so there is less chance of bacteria being trapped inside.

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