Flower Shape Jeweled 14k Gold Banana Bar Belly Ring

Flower Shape Jeweled 14K Gold Banana Bar Belly RingGold jewelry has always been treasured by women and men since time immemorial. The richness and glitter of gold has held many people captive to this date that they do not want to have anything other than gold. Gold is never old and it is still the most precious metal that people have and love to wear jewelry being made from it. Whether it is a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings, a brooch, bangles, cuffs, head bands, no other metal can come even in close competition to gold. This immortal metal has been used to create a fantastic flower shaped jeweled 14k gold banana bar belly ring which is offered by Piercebody to gold loyalists.

Even if you are not a gold enthusiast which is rare, you will love this piece because of its finesse. The gold flower has been masterfully crafted and brought to you at a reasonable price. 14k gold has been used to create this magic piece which will make you stand out in crowd. The size of the bar is 10mm and the thickness is 14g which makes it an ideal piece. The most interesting part about this Flower Shape Jeweled 14k Gold Banana Bar is that it can be worn on ear and also on navel. So, you can change places whenever you wish to. Not just gold, the item also has gemstones on each petal of the flower making the flower a truly unique one. Where else would you get a flower studded with gemstones other than Piercebody?

The CZs can be in different colors. The gemstone is available in a wide range of colors and you will get it in whichever color you want. Gold is generally used in alloyed form in jewelry items to make it stronger and durable. 14k gold is one of the commonest forms of gold used for accessories. It is light in weight and also durable by being scratch and wear and tear resistant. 14k gold jewelry is also allergy resistant and hence this is a true value for money product. The only little problem associated with 14k gold is that it loses its luster with time. You have to get it polished once in a while to restore its luster. Gold responds well to polish.

Moreover, you can use this 14k gold flower belly banana bar on a regular basis. This is the most durable form of gold and this item is of course stylish.

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