Blue And Pink Pineapple Dangling Silicone Earring

Pinapple Blue And Pink Siilicone Dangling EarringHave you ever seen such a gorgeous pineapple before? No? Then take this home with you and enjoy the taste, I mean the feel of it. This unique pineapple is offered by piercebody to all those body piercing lovers who love to experiment with their looks. This brightly colored pineapple made from silicone will glow under the UV light and create a magical atmosphere. This blue – pink pineapple is the perfect dangling silicone earrings for a college fest, an evening party, a night out at a friend’s place, a disco or just anywhere. Simply spread color with this unique pineapple silicone dangling earring and team it up with smart casuals and normal casuals.

The hooks of this cute pair of dangling earrings are made of 925 sterling silver which is of very high quality and is skin friendly as well. If you are thinking about the price tag; it is minimum. This trendy pair of pineapple blue and pink silicone dangling comes at an even more fascinating price. So, you can buy it with your pocket money also. But, now that you have decided to have your ears pierced, the process is not really cheap. So, you must know how to get it done to have a good piercing when you are spending considerable amount of money on it.

First, know this that piercing guns are not at all safe for piercing. So, if you had planned for a gunshot, forget it. Piercing guns are the least sanitary option for having your ears pierced. These guns cannot be accommodated in autoclave where the piercing tools and jewelry are sterilized. Therefore, avoid using a piercing gun. Not just this, there are other reasons of not choosing a piercing gun. A piercing gun forces a blunt-backed stud earring through the hole by using great pressure. This is not a hygienic method because the skin may get torn due to the pressure delaying the healing process.

This is especially true if you are having your cartilage pierced for wearing jewelry. A gunshot leaves a gaping hole behind which might be permanent. Cartilage is extremely tender and gets hurt easily. Hence, a forceful puncture through cartilage would be one of the worst pains and damages to your body part. On top of that post piercing troubles are such that they can compel anyone to have the piercing removed. Hence, piercing with a sterilized needle is the best option.

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