Fancy Jeweled Silver Oval Shape Earring

Fancy Jeweled Silver Oval Shape EarringKeeping your ears clean and maintaining personal hygiene goes a long way in maintaining a fully healed pierced area in your ears. After all, every one of us wants to wear beautiful and striking earrings and not roam around with infected and smelly piercings especially when we can own unique masterpieces from piercebody. Piercebody offers an amazing range of earrings in various shapes and sizes with different kinds of lock or security system made from various skin friendly metals. This particular pair of fancy jeweled silver oval shape earring can add glamour to your look. With its feminine oval shape, braided body and gemstone in the center, this is one piece to admire. This earring is also quite easy to wear with a simple hook that can be inserted easily through the piercing. Its shape will also prevent the earring from falling.

Wearing this particular pair will transform you from a plain Jane to a princess instantly. Imagine wearing this item to an event, a birthday party, a wedding and you will quickly become the cynosure of the event. Your bejeweled look will set trends and you will gain many followers. This sterling silver ear jewelry is extremely versatile and therefore you can wear it with any type of dress and to any event. Another advantage of this pair is that it can never go over the top and you will continue to top the list of well dressed and styled women at parties and events. But again, this will all be true when you have a perfectly clean piercing without smell, infection or any other damage.

While removing earring to clean the area you can massage it with vitamin E oil if the skin has become dry. Keeping it well lubricated will inhibit flaky formations thus reducing smell. Another important thing to reduce smell is to prevent bacteria from getting trapped inside. To do this, you must clean the area with sea salt solution twice daily followed by antimicrobial soap wash. Another effective way to prevent bacterial infection is to wear captive bead rings in the beginning because unlike studs these do not trap bacteria and dead skin cells inside the piercing. It helps the skin to breathe and hence reduce odor.

If at any time you find green or yellow puss accompanied with foul smell oozing out of a piercing done by gun, then it is infected and you must consult a doctor. A piercing gun should be avoided.

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