925 Silver Jeweled Nose Screw

925 Silver Jeweled Nose ScrewSilver Jeweled Nose screw is another crazy piercing that you can do to transform your look. It is a small piece but it can have a huge impact on the way you dress up. Not particularly wild, the nose screw often looks quite sexy and bold. Now whether you wish to visit a piercing shop to do it or you wish to try inserting it at home, it is up to you. But through this blog you will know how to insert and remove a nose screw. Pierce Body has brought an amazing collection of nose screws for its stylish and trendy customers. They are available at a reasonable price as well.

A nose screw once inserted can be easy to be cared for. However, the real challenge lies in inserting. We are saying challenge but it is actually not that difficult; you simply have to be careful and follow certain steps.

Steps to Insert Nose Screw

  • Cleaning the hole is mandatory to avoid any kind of infection. You can either do it with homemade saline water or by buying an antiseptic solution from your nearest store.
  • Using the pad of your thumb try to press the screw against the pierced hole. You have to place your thumb inside the hole. Avoid using the tip as it might slip and hurt you.
  • To widen the hole a little, it is necessary to put light pressure on it through the inside. Use your thumb to do it.
  • Insert the pointed end of the nose screw into the outer whole of your nose.
  • Keep rotating it clockwise to get the screw into the hole for a perfect fit.
  • Remove your thumb from inside your nose when you feel the screw hit the tip of your thumb.
  • Adjust the screw according to the design so that it fits snugly.

Remove the Inserted Screw

Begin the removal process by washing your hands to avoid any kind of bacterial infection. Applying a little amount of lubricant on the jewelry especially the screw part and also on the pierced area helps minimize any pain. The KY jelly is the most highly recommended lubricant which minimizes any bruises during the process and smoothens it also. Push the edge of the screw with appropriate pressure out of your nostril. In case, the screw gets caught inside your nose, take a cotton swab and tilt it to slant your nose. Pull it out at once and do not prolong the process. However, remember to avoid taking it out before your piercing has healed.

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