925 Silver Infinity L-Nose Stud

A silver nose stud is an amazing style statement and also is a fantastic way to jazz up your everyday look. However, wearing and removing the nose stud can be a little painful at times. Whichever style of nose stud you are using, knowing how to put it in and take it out will make your task easier. This particular nose stud is crafted from 925 sterling silver and the screw is L shaped. Gorgeous as well as elegant, this Silver Infinity L-Nose Stud is the perfect combination of glam and elegance.

Before you do anything with your nose stud, wash your hands thoroughly so that the chance of infection is reduced. Also do not forget to wash the nose stud and the pierced area to avoid any kind of infection. If you are not sure whether the area is absolutely clean when washed with water, you can use a saline solution which is a powerful disinfectant for human skin. The other thing used on such an area is hydrogen peroxide which kills germs and bacteria which makes the skin vulnerable. Whatever method you follow, the stud must be dry before you put it in.

Inserting an L-Shaped Nose Stud

An L shaped is in the shape of the letter L where the post ends at 90 degree on one end. Now, when you insert the nose stud you must be gentle and careful with your endeavor. Push the open end of the stud through the hole and ensure that it is going straight away into the hole. Once you are sure that this portion has gone in, push slightly more to insert the rest of the stud so that the bent part is through the hole as well. You can feel from inside whether the nose stud has been inserted properly. You can also check in the mirror to find out whether you have inserted it properly.

You will know surely that is it inserted properly when you find the decorative side is sitting snugly on the outside. L shaped nose studs are easy to wear but they also run the risk of falling off from the nose. Be careful when you are dressing up or wearing your clothes.

Removing your L shaped nose stud is easy. You simply have to bear in mind that you are trying to pull of a nose stud with L shaped post. So, do it at an angle and remove it easily.

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