Flower with Heart Dangling Navel Belly Ring

Flower with Heart Dangling Navel Belly RingA sweet flower attached to a heart full of love; isn’t it lovely to imagine? Such a perfect romantic picture it is. This is exactly what comes to mind when you will see the flower with heart dangling navel belly ring offered by piercebody. The flower and the heart are created by beautiful gemstones in a wide range of colors. You can choose any color and wear it matching with your outfit. The charm is carved out of sterling silver which provides the item with a smooth finish and a touch of glamour. The sterling silver provides it an elegant look. The ball and the bar are made either from surgical steel or from titanium which are known for being friendly to the skin.

This navel ring is a perfect romantic gift on a Valentine’s Day or on your beloved’s birthday or anniversary celebration. With the lovely combination of flower and heart oozing romance, present it to her in a charming way and see her smile ear to ear. This will be the perfect magical moment of love which you will cherish forever. Navel piercing is generally perceived as body modification to express one’s fashionable self. However, to some it is associated with their spiritual journey. Those who believe and practice Hinduism or alternative medicine attach great importance to a navel. According to them belly button piercing improves and aligns the function of the solar plexus which is the third chakra out of the 7 chakras or energy fields in human body.

The solar plexus controls emotions, will power and self esteem of an individual. It also rules the organs in the torso region such as kidneys and pancreas. Having the navel pierced increases the positive energy inside the body and acts as the gatekeeper to letting in and holding the positive energy while battling out the negative one.

Piercers advise to avoid surface piercing because of the constant pressure and movement in this region. Hence, the piercing is generally deep and takes time to heal. Generally, the upper lip is pierced but sometimes the lower lip is also pierced. If your top flap has enough room then it is easy to have the jewelry pierced through your navel. In some people the top flap is not finely developed and for them the bottom lip is the only option. Your piercer will make sure that he/she checks the position of your navel before piercing.

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