Jeweled BioFlex Nose Screw

Jeweled BioFlex Nose ScrewIf you don’t like the serious and formal look of gold or silver nose rings, then BioFlex nose rings, pins or screws are perfect for you. The young, peppy and trendy versions can make you look like a rockstar. After wearing this jeweled BioFlex nose screw to your college or fest or fashion parade can make you a rebellious young fashionista who refuses to follow the norms and create his/her own rules. It will catapult you to popularity and people consider you as a trendsetter of young and light fashion instead of the more serious and rich fashion. You will be a star in your own right.

This particular nose screw is made from BioFlex material which is flexible, light in weight, durable, eco-friendly and of course chic. Its black body makes it versatile and the stone fitted to the displaying end complements the black hue perfectly. The stone can be unscrewed to put the nose accessory inside the piercing. It is easy, skin friendly and matches with any funky outfit that you plan to wear at the beach party or friend’s birthday party. Push fit mechanism is easier to use than others because you can easily unscrew the lock and fit it inside the piercing. You can always do it yourself.

No matter how sexy you look with this on, you may face troubles like dry skin around your nose region. This has got nothing to do with your style sense or fashion. But if you do not understand the cause and the solution, you may end up hurting your nose forever. Sometimes, excessive washing with chemicals and soap or exposing the piercing to harsh weather can cause your skin to become dry. Dry skin is definitely uncomfortable and can increase the redness at the piercing point. This can interfere with your fashion and also with health.

With extreme dryness around the area, the skin might crack making it vulnerable to infection. To avoid such serious consequence, apply light moisturizer on your skin at least twice a day. If you think that this dryness is caused by soap, then discard it and use natural cleansers and you will find a dramatic reduction of your problem. Avoid touching the nose screw often and also avoid excessive washing because it steals natural oils from skin and leaves it dry. Also remember to have lots of water to maintain a well hydrate skin especially during summers.

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