9K Gold L-Shaped Jeweled Coil Nose Stud

9K Gold L-Shaped Jeweled Coil Nose StudLook at the coil nose stud, isn’t it awesome? And you thought anything coiled is dangerous? Well, what do you think now? Yes, this trendy yet aesthetically done coil nose stud has been shaped from 9k gold which is the most suitable gold type light jewelry or piercing jewelry. With the right amount of aesthetics, shine, glamour and richness this nose stud will add a zest to your personality and make you the cynosure in a party. Its thickness is 22g which makes it a perfect choice for most normal noses. Strictly made for nostril piercing purpose the post is L shaped nose studs which holds the jewelry item in position without letting it come off at any point.

There is a gemstone in the center of the coil enhancing the beauty and appeal of the entire piece. This gemstone is genuine round cut crystal and is available in different colors for the selection of clients. The stone is claw set which increases the visual appeal of the nose stud and also holds the stone in place. Wear this 9K Gold L-Shaped Jeweled Coil Nose Stud with ethnic outfits or with classical attires, it is extremely versatile and will always make you look glamorous.

But of late are you noticing a bump next to your nose piercing. It may have been caused due to several reasons. First, do not try to remove the jewelry as soon as you notice the bump. Most problems regarding piercings can be solved with the jewelry being intact on its place. The bump next to your piercing in all probability can be granuloma. This is a benign condition wherein body tissues overgrow and create a bump next to your piercing. These bumps bleed but are not tender. Sometimes yellow or clear fluid may also come out of the bump. Do not panic. This is natural.

Sometimes, scar tissues buildup and cause a bump to occur. Some people are prone to keloids which are basically raised scars. It may not be particularly hurtful but needs to be removed. The bump will be serious if it is a pustule which when avoided becomes an abscess. The good news is that granulomas and pustules can be treated at home. Saline soak can work wonders if you do it thrice daily. Pustules can also be eliminated by applying topical antibiotic gel or cream. Keloids and scar tissue need a consultation with dermatologist while an abscess requires medical treatment.

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