9K Gold L-Shaped Heart Nose Stud

9K Gold L-Shaped Heart Nose StudWearing your heart on your sleeve is quite common but wearing your heart on your nose, is it that common too? Well, no. So, it is your one in a million chances to wear your heart on your nose. This fabulous 9k gold L-shaped heart nose stud is a marvelous creation and is available to you in a reasonable price at piercebody; the place where your dream of body piercing is realized. Made of 9k gold with a glossy finish and perfectly smooth surface, this nose stud is absolutely dreamboat. With a thickness of 22g it is ideal for normal nose piercings.

Just having a lovely nose piercing jewelry does not provide you access to unending style. You must also take responsibility to maintain it nicely and properly. Nose is quite a sensitive area and requires around 10 weeks to heal completely. This is only for nostril. In case of septum it may lead to 6-8 months. Nose infections are quite common and according to American Academy of Family Physician it sometimes requires antibiotics to cure it. Noteworthy fact is that nasal piercing infection can take place during the healing or also after the completion of healing period.

Apart from infection, there is another problem associated with nose piercing. Jewelry swallowing is quite a common problem with nose piercing. Jewelry on the nostril area can be swallowed or aspirated through the nasal cavity. The jewelry item can also migrate from its place and move forward. Both septum and nostril piercings can undergo these problems. While migration is not a very serious issue, aspiration or swallowing can be serious and you need to consult if required your physician as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is pulling out of nasal jewelry. This may cause the back of the jewelry to get embedded in the wall of your nose. Surgical removal is the only way in such a circumstance.

Another major problem related to nose piercing is necrosis of nasal wall. Necrosis of nasal wall refers to localized death of living cells. This is a serious condition and you have to consult with a physician in case this occurs. Both nostril and septum piercings are susceptible to such risks. To avoid this problem, you must have a healthy lifestyle and choose a professionally experienced piercer. Just remember that little bit of pain, swelling and redness is common with mucous secretion. However, persisting problems will require medical checkup.

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