9K Gold Rose Nose Screw

9K Gold Rose Nose ScrewRose is a recurrent motif in jewelry items and it is a favorite of women. This lovely and bright rose made of 9k gold  rose nose screw is valuable but not expensive. You can buy it for yourself or this could be an excellent gift item as well.  This 20g solid gold nose screw can make even a drab and dull face look beautiful. Its radiance can make a face look bright and glowing. Gold has a richness which spreads in its jewelry and also on the skin of the wearer. This is also no exception. This exceptional 9K Gold Rose Nose Screw is light in weight though it gives an impression of being heavy due to it complicated design.

If you wish to wear this newly bought item and want to know whether your nose piercing has closed or not, we can help you. Generally, a nose piercing closes after 6 months of removing the existing accessory. However, in a healed piercing the outside hole remains open for a considerable amount of time. A new piercing may close within 24 hours of removing the item. The inside of a nose consists of mucus membranes which is why it shuts any piercing quickly while on the outside the piercing remains open even after years of the inside one has closed. In fact, the outside piercing sometimes looks like a small scare or an enlarged pore.

Nostril screws and captive bead rings are the commonest jewelry items used in new piercings. The piercer uses pliers to bend the straight pin into U shape to put it inside your nose piercing. It has a blunt end. The screw is pushed inside the hole where the bent holds it in position. A captive bead ring which is C shaped holds the bead between 2 prongs. A nose screw leaves a scar behind even after you have removed your nose accessory.

In case you are trying to re-insert it after quite some time, then it is good to lubricate the screw with a cream or soap. If the hole has closed, then a taper must be used to open it before re-inserting the jewelry item. If you are finding it difficult to reopen the hole, rush to your piercer who will reopen it with the help of a taper. But why would you remove your nose ring when you are wearing a 9k  l gold nose screw. Still, if you have to, then visit your piercer to place it back.

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