Heart Center Stone Multi Crystal Navel on Display

Multi Crystal Stone Navel bar with a Heart Center Stone in a DisplayA beautiful colored bar dangling from your cute belly button is sure to captivate one and all. You are bound to be the cynosure of all eyes whenever you set foot outside your home, wearing this eye catching navel jewelry. While a simple stone that winks out from deep within your belly button or a barbell threaded through the upper rim of your navel are more common place, there is nothing to beat the power of the bar that is sure to drag the eye to your quaint piercing. Try out each and every color that catches your fancy or go for all of them, if you simply cannot make up your mind. True, settling for a single one is difficult especially when you view the wide range of Heart Center Stone Multi Crystal Navel on Display from the well known online store.

It might actually be wise to bring home the entire set of 12 navel bars. Each color is sure to compliment your dresses and you will just not find any reason to complain. The heart shaped crystal stone placed bang in the middle of the dangler looks enticing too. So, go on and dance the night away at the local discotheque or party all night with your navel bar helping you to make the most of the situation. No, you do not have to worry too much about formal and casuals when you are going to bare your midriff and display the spectacular crystal heart within your navel ring. It is going to be fun all the way so be determined to choose a creation that does full justice to your beautiful belly button bar from piercebody.com.

Take care to give at least six months for your navel piercing to heal though. You can definitely choose to cover up the ungainly area when the skin is red and raw. Revel in it by inserting the stone studded colored bar through it when the time comes and look forward to the jaw dropping reaction from your friends and acquaintances.

You need not have to worry about infecting your piercing when you have settled for the quality piece from piercebody though. The navel bars are made of surgical steel, a metal that doctors recommend. Plus the $27.49 per piece is a bargain you never dreamed of. Hurry to make it yours asap!

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