Gecko Lizard Dangling Navel Bar

Gecko lizard Dangling Navel barIf you like animal or insect motifs on your jewelry and are in love with weird animal shapes, then this dangling navel bar is just for you. If you love creepy reptiles, then this Gecko Lizard Dangling navel bar is for you. Though looking less creepy and more unique with its shape and jewels, the lizard can sit pretty on your belly button and also move following your body movement. The lizard is created from 925 silver and the ball and bar from surgical steel of high grade quality or from titanium whichever you want. Both these metals are skin friendly and durable and also less expensive. The titanium one can also be available in anodized variety.

If you are worried about the size, don’t be. 14g in thickness and 5mm in size, this is almost perfect for any normal belly button. However, if you have an outie, it is best to consult your piercer before thinking of having it pierced. The entire body of the silver lizard is covered with high quality gemstones and therefore it looks extraordinary, which it is anyway. The lizard also has another huge gemstone above which from it hangs. Piercebody offers wide range of colorful stones to choose from.

To maintain this creepy crawly safely on your stomach, you must keep an eye on whether the piercing is getting infected or not. Belly button piercings often get infected due to various reasons. Yeast infection is quite a common one. Adolescents are especially prone to yeast infections. So, if you have a teenage daughter with belly piercing you must keep an eye on whether she is maintaining the aftercare routine. Itching is a common symptom of yeast infection. It happens because yeast erodes the healthy surface of the skin. So, you must take it seriously. Cleaning the area with soap and applying itch blocking ointment will relive the itching.

Redness is also an important indicator of yeast infection. Redness will reduce as soon as the site begins to heal. Cleaning it with mild soap and warm water will help. After that, apply topical medicine for athlete’s foot or vaginal infection to the site to heal it completely. The site may emit foul smell sometimes. This is a sign of fungal infection. Anti-fungi crème may help but if the odor is severe and persists for long time, you must check with the doctor. The skin folds may also get affected from the belly button. So, do not neglect it.

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