Hanging Insurgent Tree Navel Belly Ring

Belly button piercing is in. Navel piercing has been accepted widely as a part of mainstream fashion nowadays and women of all ages are experimenting with their looks and personal style. Having your belly button pierced is the coolest style statement you can make. Flaunting a sexy belly button with an equally sexy navel piercing is the best style statement you can make this summer. Our super sexy beach wear partly hiding and partly showing your navel piercing will attract admirers and you will rule the hearts of many. Piercebody promises you such an experience with their great variety of piercing jewelry.

This particular piercing jewelry has the design of a tree which is the symbol of productivity and life. The only difference is that you have always seen a tree in green color and here your own personal tree is made from sterling silver which has a perfectly glossy surface. The complex tree has been designed meticulously by the designer for the clients. There is a gemstone on the top of the tree making the entire item look stunning. The hanging insurgent tree navel belly ring will follow your movement and you can feel your heart jump in joy.

Now, if you do not have the nerve to go for a navel piercing right away to sport a sexy look; you can create a fake clip on belly button rings to have the feel of it until you are prepared for the piercing and its aftercare process. Buy a captive bead ring and remove the bead from the item. Widen the gap between the ends of the ring according to your desire and slip it on the upper lip of your belly button. Now squeeze it gently to fit it snugly on the rim of your belly button. Check whether it is comfortable for you and whether it is hanging properly now.

By doing this you will be able to find out whether you like it and decide whether to have your belly pierced permanently. Save the bead so that you can use it as an actual belly button ring later if you eventually decide to have your belly button pierced. Keep in mind that you have to wear loose fitting clothes with a ring hanging from your belly otherwise it might hurt your navel or just get yanked off. Once you are prepared mentally and physically for the piercing, make an appointment with a piercer and take the ring with you.

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