Different Ear Jewelries that Makes You Look Unique

Different ear jewelries are of great use to people who love to flaunt their piercing with style and elegance.  It is appreciated for it’s a form of body art that caught attention all over the world. Ear piercings have become an accessory item in a women’s purse and ear piercing has now become an art form.

 different ear jewelries

When the concept of piercing came into existence, it first experimented on the ears. It is the most adorning jewelry and has become quite common as well. Most people opt for different types of ear piercings along with the regular earrings. There are a number of latest styles and trends available with this ear piercing jewelry that’s suits every look.

Different Ear Jewelries in Unique Designs and Sizes

devilish ear piercings

Devilish Ear Piercings

This is one of the different ear jewelries in a new range of spiral flesh tunnel stretchers with UV material. It glows in the dark and has a visually funky look that becomes a crowd pleaser. It can be worn for parties and even night clubs.

These are measured as 2 ear gauge sizes and are available in multiple colors. These devilish spiral ear piercings have spiral shape with artistic designs and they make women’s ears more beautiful and elegant. They are also cheap and are lovable gifts for your special ones and friends.

rainbow hexagonal flesh tunnels

Rainbow Hexagonal Flesh Tunnels

These new ranges of rainbow hexagonal ear flesh tunnels have a high grade and artistic designs. They commonly measure in 11mm. It is commonly castoff 316L surgical steel earrings and has a metallic lasting shine. They are also medically safe for all skin types.

These rainbow hexagonal flesh tunnels have rainbow colors to perfect finish that gives a grand eye-catching visual appeal. When women wear it, they will be the center of attraction for all occasions and are very cheap.

spiral ear expanders

Spiral Ear Expanders

Women love these spiral ear expanders because of its design and grand visual appeal it creates. These are 0-size plugs that flaunt with style by all women. The beauty of their ears glorifies with this product. They are hygienic because of the surgical steel used and suitable for all occasions. This has a shape of spiral plugs for ears which is anodized with gold on its surface. Hence, makes it corrosion free and scratch resistant and increase its durability.

silicone ear plugs

Silicone Ear Plugs

This new range of ear plugs these made of silicone which is medically for human wear. They are durable and flexible that lasts long with constant use and is surprisingly cheap. It measures from either 4mm plugs or 30mm plugs size. They are custom made with industrial grade equipment with world class technology. These ear plugs jewelry loved by either men or women who love piercing their ears with style and finesse.

double flared ear jewels

Double Flared Ear Jewels

This is one of the different ear jewelries that also known as fan flesh tunnels which are flared twice. These measures in 25mm plug with an internal screw and they are made of 316L surgical steel. This also certifies for human wear and has a long shelf life because of the unique craftsmanship.

myriad colored ear piercings

Myriad Colored Ear Piercings

These plugs are made of pure surgical steel earrings which are rust free and non-allergic and hence when mixed with hygienic UV materials they have a glowing feature in the dark which is appealing visually. This is one of the different ear jewelries that are a constant demand because of numerous designs and cheap rates. Applicable for gifts to love ones and a must wear for parties and clubs because it’s a crowd pleaser.

circular UV Barbells

Circular UV Barbells

This is the latest trend-setting, piercing jewels you will find. With high-quality UV, they will glow in the dark and ensures comfort and safety. There are a lot of different types of ear piercings available in different patterns, shapes, and colors in order to suit the needs of piercing fanatics. These are sure to catch the crowd’s eye.

 Pyrex Glass Ear Jewelry

Pyrex Glass Ear Jewelry

This is the latest in body jewelry trend. Pyrex glass ear piercing items have caught the fancy of every fashionista. Bright, colorful and durable, the wide range of Pyrex glass ear piercings has become popular among teenagers and also their mothers. The best part about Pyrex glass ear piercings is that these are unisex and appear cool.

The colorful designs and logos on the Pyrex glass ear plugs will add dynamism to your personality. Perfectly smooth, these ear plugs boast off innovative designs like an owl, spider, and swirl. Having bright and solid colors render an interesting twist. These items are safe for people with sensitive skin.

anodized ear piercing jewelry

Anodized Ear Piercing Jewelry

These anodized fake tapers are becoming quite common and popular among younger teens. It has a great fashionable statement for those who are crazy about the fashion world. Available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colors and is quite comfortable to use as well. It provides an elegant look to the ear.

This anodized jewelry serves as the best alternative for titanium and the steel and provides an enhanced look. They are studded with the colorful stones. This anodized jewelry is very easy to wear as well. Have a great trendy look with anodized ear jewelry and impress your friends.

bone horn wood ear jewelries

Bone Horn Wood Ear Jewelries

There is a wide range of collection of fashionable and trendy ear jewelry that includes bone, horn, and wood jewelry. All these are completely organic industrial piercing. When you make use of the organic materials ear jewelry, there is a chance of dead skin forming inside earlobes as they are made from organic materials such as bone, horn, wood, etc. You can make use of the jojoba oils for cleansing. So every time when you make use of it, take some jojoba oil on the clean cloth and rub both inside and outside the bone-horn-wood organic jewelry.

organic turqoise fake earplug

Finding the Cheapest but Safe Different Ear Jewelries

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