Different Ear Plugs Jewelry that Enhances Beyond Your Personality

Ear plugs jewelry uses mainly for the purpose of either creating body art or making the piercing look wider. In addition, embedding logos on the ear plugs is a new way of expressing philosophy and latest innovative ideas.

Body piercing indulges huge fan following and piercing the ear is now easy and quick without any pain. Ear piercing with ear plug jewelry is the latest fashion trend in body piercing.

Different Varieties of Ear Plugs Jewelry

  • Yin Yang

yinyang ear plugs jewelryYin yang ear plugs jewelry are plugs for ears with the Chinese logo of yin yang. Visible on the side of the jewelry and they are composed of UV material. This enables them to glow in the dark by absorbing light. People choose this body art form that are bold and expressive with a high sense of fashion and style. These products are cheaper with worldwide delivery with ease.

  • 316L Surgical Steel Ear Tunnels

A new design of ear flesh tunnel plugs is made of 316L surgical steel. It comprises of high grade and medical clearance for human skin use. It has a long shelf life and these flesh tunnels are available in all shapes and designs with artistic work and they can also be anodized with a gold coating to make it visually grand and catchy.

Men love flesh tunnel plugs because they are good for daily wear and suitable for casual and formal wear and are a head turner when worn for any occasion and are very cheap.

  • Glossy Steel Ear Plugs

glossy ear plugsEar piercings have been made very quick and simple with these collections and they have the shape of a nicely curved ring with a sharp end, which can be bent and they are made with surgical steel and polished using 316L grade which gives the ear plug weight smooth shine and hardiness. They are measured as 3.2mm in size.

Men and women can both use these surgical steel plugs to accessorize their ear piercing and elevate their persona when attending parties, clubs, and events. They are cost-effective and are appropriate gifts for all circumstances.

  • Magic Ear Plugs

Ear piercing has a unique and stylish with this new collection of color changing silicone 22mm plugs. These are made of silicone and are durable and have a long product life and priced economically. Men and women love these new sleek ear plugs. Because they are modern and have an eye-catching feature. It also involves the change of color under the influence of sunlight.

It manufactures with high grade material, these silicone ear plugs and also uses with no ill effects on the skin like itchiness and rashes. They have a star logo, which is white and turns purple under the influence of sunlight, which makes this product in constant demand in the market.

Author: Somal Piercebody

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