Costume Plugs for ears

Costume jewelry is very popular kind of jewelry. This is so because the material that is used in making the costume jewelry is generally less expensive than the other kinds of jewelry. Costume jewelry set is made of plastic, glass, base metals etc. glass bead necklace

Before becoming favorite daily-wear jewelry for men and women, the costume jewelry was used primarily on stage by the theater artists back necklace. Some costume jewelry also use semi-precious stones neck chain.



There are different kinds of costume jewelry. One can find costume hoop earrings, costume necklaces, costume a chain, costume plugs for ears and so on.14g plugs

The costume ear plugs come in different sizes, just like all other body jewelry. Since costume ear plugs are mostly fashionable in nature, they are not considered proper to be worn in professional and academic environments. To hide the piercings done by
costume plugs while you are in such environment, ear spacers of different sizes are readily available. The ear spacers may be measured according to their gauge size like 14g, 12 g etc or may be measured in millimeters like 1mm, 2mm, 3mm etc.

One can find charts that help you understand what size one should go for. For example, ear spacers 3mm could be put into piercings done with an 8g needle.


Blackline Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel       Hexagon Gold Anodised Ear Flesh Tunnel       Anodized Saw Blade Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

Many people want to widen their ear piercing after a while and for this purpose ear stretchers are used. One can go for different ear
stretcher pattern
and also different sizes that may range from the smallest and may go beyond ear stretcher 20mm. One of the biggest ear gauges is the ear plugs stretcher 30mm. 3mm tunnels


Circle Shapped UV fancy ear stud      Star Shapped UV fancy ear stud      316L Surgical steel Anodised BCR ring

The different patterns of ear accessories that are ideal for putting into stretched piercings in the ear are the swirl ear gauges and spiral plugs.

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