14K Gold Open Nose Hoop

14K Gold Basel set Jeweled Open Hoop Nose RingA nose piercing is a cool way to express your personal style without being too loud. A nose piercing helps to change your looks without being too loud and garish. It is a small piece but is capable of transforming you from a simple girl next door to a fashion diva. To be able to maintain that image cleaning the nose ring on a regular basis is important. Cleaning it during the initial phase of piercing is very important but even after the passing of that phase; you can clean it regularly to maintain its stylish look.

This 14k gold open nose hoop will make you a star. This is an open hoop which is truly stylish and gorgeous. The best part about this nose hoop is its bezel set stone on one end which sparkles radiantly. You can buy it at a reasonable price and flaunt it to your competitors. Hoops are sexy accessories and this 20g nose hoop item with a diameter of 8mm will look awesome on you. Since, it is an open hoop; it will hang from your nose piercing and will be easy to clean also. Hoops never go out of fashion and it will always make you look sensuous.

Moving your nose ring once in a while after healing is good because it will prevent the ring from being stuck inside the piercing. However, do not use pressure while doing it. Simply move it forth and back to keep it from getting stuck. This will also help in letting the loose crusts fall off.  Applying alcohol on the ring is advisable. Do not go over the top. But, you can apply alcohol using a cotton swab on the ring. This will keep it smooth and also kill any germs or bacteria which lead to infection. Applying alcohol before and after rotating the ring is good.

Keep your skin clean by using a cleanser. This does not allow dirt to sit on your skin and spoil it and hence helps in getting rid of bacteria. You also need to clean the nose hoop by using a saline solution. Use a cotton ball and soak it inside the saline solution before applying it on the piercing and on the ring. It is important to clean the ring because dried crusts accumulate on it. Cleaning it will provide access to easy movement which will prevent it from getting stuck.

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