Hoop Nose Ring Qualities that You Need to Purchase

The 9k gold segment hoop nose ring is one of the best items you can buy from Piercebody.com. A hoop is fashionable, chic and forever trendy. Whether you wear it on your ears or your nose it can dramatically transform your personality. A gorgeous 9k gold segment nose hoop ring is only 22g thick which makes it easy to pass through a nostril piercing. It is available in 3 sizes from 8mm to 12mm. The best part about this hoop ring is that it is versatile. You can either wear it on your nostril or on your septum. It looks hot both ways.

9K Gold Segment Hoop Nose Ring Prices

While some people love hoop nose piercing, others prefer septum piercings. Some people like the look on their face after they have a septum piercing. The face sometimes looks rough and fearsome. To some people, this is the desired impact and hence they choose hoop nose rings for septum piercings. In fact, evidence suggests that in various tribes all around the world, septum piercing was done with this image in mind. They wanted to create an image of a fearsome warrior and hence chose their septum to be pierced with rings or nose rings hoops.

9K Gold Segment Hoop Nose Ring

Choosing a Good Quality Hoop Nose Ring

A nose piercing sometimes does not alienate you from the society but provides as a sense of belonging. It becomes a statement of belonging to a community instead of becoming an individual. Subcultures like punks and Goths are extremely body modification friendly. So, if someone wants to be a part of this culture he/she can have their nose pierced. Nose piercing, in this case, will help that individual to become one with his/her group. It is an excellent way of sharing aesthetics in just the same way that fashion accessories and haircuts can be.

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Some people, culture and even tribes believe that nose piercing associated with spiritual healing. Therefore, some people have their nose pierced to mark their recovery and others have it in the hope of quick healing. It is an attempt to claim the body as one’s own and to purge from the trauma. For some people inflicting pain on some part of the body also distracts them from the original problem. By choosing to undergo this pain, you are transforming it into a thing of beauty. In this case, the nose hoop uses a powerful statement.

Then again there are some who simply wish to look good and different and hence have their nose pierced.

Gold Segment Hoop Nose Ring

How to Clean a 9k Gold Segment Hoop Nose Ring

Cleaning a newly septum piercing is equally important as flaunting the piercing. If you do not clean it properly, you may not be able to flaunt it for a long period of time. After all, you have pierced your septum to increase your style quotient and to show people how cool you are. If you are not the organized type, then you have to learn to manage time and be organized because cleaning the pierced zone is your duty for the first couple of months until the piercing heals. If you are wearing the 9k gold segment hoop nose ring from Piercebody.com, then you have to take care of it otherwise, the gold will begin losing its luster.

Hoop Nose Ring

Cleaning the jewelry like 9K gold segment hoop nose ring is important. While cleaning the piercing, you must also clean the jewelry because crusts accumulate on the ring which if not cleaned can hurt the piercing. A ring is generally better than a stud or a pin at least in terms of the nose because it provides a lot of space for the piercing to swell and it does not put pressure on your skin. This lovely 9k gold nose stud hoop ring is available in 3 sizes- 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The thickness of the ring is 20g which is perfect for your piercing. To keep this piercing looking perfect you have to clean the pierced area.

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Cleaning Solution for Hoop Nose Piercing

Clean the piercing in 2 ways and at least twice a day. The septum is a sensitive area and you must remember to be gentle with it. Moist some cotton balls with aftercare spray and press it gently on the piercing. You can apply a drop of tea tree oil if you have irritated and dry skin. Hold the cotton ball for 30 seconds, throw it away and get a new ball to repeat the process for 5 minutes to get the best results.

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Another method involves homemade sea salt solution for the soak in good quality sea salt and mixes with sterile water. You can either boil tap water for 5 minutes or purchase sterile water from the shop. Mix ¼ teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of sterile water to prepare the solution and you can also add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil if your skin feels extremely dry. Soak cotton balls and apply on the piercing for 5 minutes.


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