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Piercebody.com, has been an online body jewelry store for over a decade in wholesale and retail. We offer varieties of selection and different types of body piercing jewelry a 100% satisfaction. We ship worldwide and offering Free Shipping for order value more than $500.

We are not only proud to offer the finest customer service but we fully dedicate ourselves and commit to provide body jewelry with the highest quality and a low price.

We are very particular in our products and every of our body jewelry is designed by the finest body jewelry designers in the world. The styles & designs we provide changes frequently with new merchandise arriving every week, the entire year! 

Array of body jewelry metal materials in Gold Body Jewelry - 9k, 10k, 14,k, 18k and 22k, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Titanium Collections and 316l Stainless Steel – Men Jewelry.

All of our items is guaranteed with 100% Nickel Free.

Our extensive body jewelry collections includes nose ring, earplugs, circular barbells, shields, labrets, belly button rings, tongue barbells, eyebrow rings, dermal piercing and much more. Also, providing a selection of body jewelry with displays.

Variety of Body Jewelry Accessories - Loose Items and Package Deals. Certain Jewelry accessories in limited inventory.

Our stylish body jewelry designs includes Swarovski - preciosa crystals, silicones to UV.

We guarantee that our selection will beat any competition hands down.

316L Surgical Steel Threaded Tragus Piercing     SS Eyebrow CBB With UV Cone     Silver Cartilage Tragus Piercing Ear Stud

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We are located in the commercialized area of the main capital in Bangkok. Piercebody.com has 4 showrooms, our main showroom is at the busiest landmark of the town. Our showrooms has been linked with us for over a decade.

We have the newest & the latest by material, items & products launched in our showroom weekly!

The other 3 sub categories of our showrooms is also based in a tourist attraction area places. We also have showrooms for Body Piercing Jewelries and Silver Jewelries.

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