Piercebody has been the premium manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of piercing jewelry including dermal piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings, ear piercings and septum jewelry for over 10 years. We have supplied to over 400 wholesalers and piercing shops from all over the globe and are connected with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers through our high quality piercing jewelry designs.

In our search for excellence, we have deployed the most quality-driven production and delivery processes. Here’s a look behind the curtains at what makes us the premium piercing jewelry supplier in the world.


Piercebody Jewelry Factory - Manufacturing

Our factory is located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) in Bangkok, Thailand. Here’s where our over 400 fully trained, highly skilled workers work with our 50 plus creative and experienced jewelry designers to create artistic piercing jewelry products that have made us known as a fashion-conscious piercing jewelry designer and manufacturer worldwide.

Our manufacturing process consists of the breaking down of jewelry creation into process related sections to make sure each part of the process is given the utmost attention. Our team is split into specialized departments that focus on their own task and enable us to ensure the highest quality.


Piercebody Jewelry Stockroom - Supply

With over 10,000 varying collections of piercing jewelry in our repertoire, we have made sure that our supply line is the most efficient at storage and delivery. To make sure we can always meet demands, our stock room are always at full stock levels. We’ve also set up a stockroom in the UK and another one in the USA to ensure timely delivery to any corner of the world.

For global delivery, our team of 45 hardworking stockers works in shifts, 24 hours a day, to make sure each order is dispatched as soon as possible. We work with the world’s leading shipping companies to deliver the smooth ordering experience we pride ourselves on.


Piercebody Jewelry Showrooms - Retail

In addition to reaching thousands through our wholesale fashion jewelry, we also have our own retail setup with showrooms spread across the city of Bangkok. Conveniently located at popular tourist destinations, our showrooms are stocked with all our latest piercing jewelry available directly to the public.

The latest lines of steel, silver, and gold nose studs, nose hoops, tongue rings, belly button rings, and other assorted collections of jewelry are delivered to our showrooms on a weekly basis where our friendly staff help you find the right piece for you. This is also the place for you to get any information you need about our products and the piercing process.


Piercebody Jewelry Marketing - eCommerce

What makes us the greatest piercing shop online is our brilliant marketing department that is full of the most talented and creative individuals. This department is home to the 3 divisions that are the backbone of our eCommerce platform. This includes graphic design, website development, and marketing & sales teams.

From creating our online platforms to managing incoming orders and making sure all is running smoothly, this department is what keeps our websites fully updated and they are the ones who make us the number one destination for body jewelry online.