For over 10 years, Piercebody has designed, manufactured, and delivered body piercing jewelry to over 50,000 customers all over the globe. We are the leading body jewelry shop online and we have achieved that distinction by working hard and smart to optimize our whole process.

Over the years, we have streamlined our process to make sure quality is always first. From gold nose studs to silver lip rings, every item that goes through our process is the best in the market. To give you an idea of how much attention we pay to detail, we’ve outlined our whole process for you to understand exactly what goes on behind the scenes.


Design and Manufacturing

pb factory

All our piercing jewelry is created at our factory in Bangkok. The process starts with our team of over 40 jewelry designers who have decades of experience in creating the latest body piercing fashion trends. Once the designs are finalized, it is in the hands of our highly-skilled teams of over 400 jewelry makers who create all the latest designs using highly specialized production methods and hi-tech equipment.

We get our raw materials from the best sources which allows us to create the most premium gold piercing, silver piercing, and steel body jewelry. Our large team and swift processes are the reason we can deliver new body jewelry collections on a weekly basis.


Storage and Shipping

pb storage

To ensure our products are always in stock, we have also highly optimized our storage, packaging and shipping processes. Our team of 45 stock room workers are working round the clock so that products are sorted and packaged as soon as your order is placed, no matter what time it is. That is why all orders are packaged and shipped within 24 hours of order completion.

We have three storage warehouses across the globe in Asia, Europe, and the USA ensuring that products are always on hand for delivery anywhere in the world. They are always fully stocked and offer local delivery through leading courier services so your product is at your doorstep as soon as possible.


Retail Locations

pb shops

While we like being the leading online body jewelry retailer, we also want to be able to interact with our customers. That is why we have set up 3 showrooms spread across the city of Bangkok where you can visit to view our piercing jewelry collections and try our products before buying. Each showroom receives our latest collection every 2 weeks so you are always going to find the latest fashion trends at our shops.

The shop staff is also there to help you find the right sizes, designs, and colors for your body jewelry. They are fully trained and knowledgeable about all body jewelry trends, materials, and specifications so they will be able to guide you to the perfect product for you.


Sales and Marketing

pb marekting

In order to make sure our sales process through our website is always smooth, we have a dedicated team of technical wizards and user experience specialists who are always working to keep things running. It’s their job to make constant improvements in our sales process to always keep us ahead of the curve technically.

The team comprises graphic designers, web developers, sales executive, and marketing specialists. Each team works in their own domain to complement each other’s work and ensure that we continue to be the leading body jewelry shop online.