Rose Flower Silicone Earring with 925 Silver EARSL010

A beautiful red rose on Valentine’s Day, what could be better than this? Red rose is the symbol of love and passion and has been considered this way since ages. It is believed that red is the color of passion and a red rose is the emblem of deep love. So, piercebody has brought a gorgeous and lovely rose flower silicone earring to impress your beloved. The silicone will glow under UV light making the item really special. You can also buy it for yourself and enjoy the warmth of the color on the ear. The post attached to the silicone rose is made from sterling silver. The butterfly is also made from sterling silver which is of high quality.

If you are having your ears pierced for the first time, having butterflies in the stomach is quite natural. However, we can provide some suggestions for you which will make it easy to decide whether you wish to have your ears pierced and where and with which jewelry. For a beginner segment rings or captive bead rings are the best choice for earlobe piercing. The earlobe is a soft area which swells up post piercing. Wearing a ring will put less pressure on the piercing and cause less irritation and damage. Labret stud is also a good choice for earlobe piercings.

A labret stud is the best option for antitragus piercing for a beginner. An internally threaded or pop-fit one made from titanium is the best because titanium is considered as the most skin friendly metal when it comes to body modification. Surgical steel jewelry and BioPlast are also good options. For daith piercing flexible jewelry items are great. Captive bead rings made of titanium, niobium, Bio Flex materials are best for daith because these can be worn and removed easily.

Captive bead rings and spiral rings are amazing choices for helix piercing for a starter. If you are going for multiple piercings, then wearing individual rings will promote faster healing. Once your piercing has healed, you can put in spiral rings and flaunt your new piercing. For industrial piercing novices wearing individual captive bead rings might be easy until your piercing heals so that you can wear whatever you like afterwards. An industrial barbell is also a safe choice. Labret stud is ideal for conch piercing while straight barbell is best for transverse lobe piercing.

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