925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Earring

925 Sterling Silver Butterfly EarringAre you attracted towards the beautiful and gorgeous 925 sterling silver butterfly earring If you want to own them, you simply have to buy it from piercebody spending a small amount. But if you wish to wear them for a long time, then you must have your ears pierced from an experienced piercer. There are fakes available in the market, but it is not so much fun as wearing a real piercing jewelry. This beautiful butterfly brought to you by piercebody is crafted meticulously from high quality sterling silver. It has perfect finish and striking looks due to the gemstones adorning the body of the butterfly.

The butterfly is a lovely and oft repeated motif because of its shape, color and spirit. It looks aesthetic and beautiful and in this item has been done with artistic brilliance. There is hardly a woman who does not have a jewelry item in the shape of a butterfly. It is one of the most highly demanded designs. The fact that it has gemstones all over makes it even more precious. You can be the proud owner of this fantastic piece and also flaunt it to your friends once you start wearing it.

Piercing is a little difficult job but once it is healed, you can experiment with earrings and enjoy your changing look all the time. If you are getting your ears pierced, here are some tips to reduce the pain involved in ear piercing. This type of earring is generally worn on the earlobe and piercing the earlobe doesn’t hurt much because it is a fleshy region. However, you still have to follow the normal healing process. Check the piercing for redness and puss accumulation. Keeping the area infection free will reduce pain obviously. Hence, cleaning the area twice is important with sea salt solution or something referred to you by your piercer. Do not over clean the area because it dries up the skin which will cause more pain.

Touch your ear as less as possible that will reduce the chance of getting hurt and causing pain to the pierced area. Also it is necessary to avoid any kind of infection from hand. If the pain is unbearable for you, take painkiller prescribed by the piercer or according to your common sense to reduce it. Healing generally takes 1 month and you should not put any kind of pressure on your ears to avoid pain. Sleep on your back to avoid getting hurt and causing pain.

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