Steel jewelry

The alloy called steel is extremely durable and almost indestructible and the steel jewelry that is made from has become extremely popular with the people who love to look good with different types of jewelry.

The ability of steel jewelry to withstand all kinds of wear and tear makes it a very convenient and easy option for the jewelry steel ball

SS CZ Bezel Set Screw Flesh Tunnels        Eyebrow Spiral With Plain UV ball      

There are many people especially the youngsters who prefer going for bracelet , pendants, steel flesh tunnels   ear ring etc. Besides being durable, this jewelry is safe for the skin and does not cause any harm when worn. 

The steel that is used in the making of such steel body jewelry PLAIN SS BALL is usually high quality surgical steel and hence very safe.

       Blackline Micro Setting Jeweled Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

The steel body jewelry can also be customized.

For example you can purchase a steel pendant and get your name or the name of someone special engraved on it. In fact not just names but you can customize your steel body jewelry with anything you like to give it a unique touch.

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