Non Dangle Hello Kitty Bars

Jeweled Owl Silver Belly Ring

Nowadays, non dangling belly bars is becoming diverse and even more unusual. Today a wide assortment of belly button rings of all shapes, forms, colors and designs is performed at our body piercing jewelry store

These non dangling belly bar is commonly a 14g and the balls are either decorated in logo designs or jewels (the finest quality).non piercing

This beautiful charm can be a long charm or a short charm which is wraps around the wears waste.dangle belly piercing

  Milk White BioFlex base Jeweled Belly Ring

Our marvelous belly bar is decorated in a elegant colors which is an icon to the girly accessory and can be worn at any time. Our body piercing jewelry store also provides exclusive silver belly button ring.

They’re stylish and elegant belly button ring are from of different metal material for fashionable people. These belly rings enhance the beauty of the open navel space and it gives the wearer an appealing look. These are numerous of attractive designs and styles.

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